Additional Eid slots now available – 8.15am and 10.45am


Timings: 7.30am, 8.15am, 9.00am, 10.00am and 10.45am

Group bookings: When booking your Eid slot, a request can be made for up to 3 additional people:
1. After logging in to the booking system, click “Edit info” button
2. In the “Last Name” box, after your name add the number of additional people e.g. “Ahmed +1” then click “Save info”
3. Click “Request slot” button to book your Eid prayer

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Booking system live from:
Thursday afternoons

Timings: 1.30pm and 2.30pm

There will be additional Jumuah prayers for those who don’t have a booking, therefore, everyone is encouraged to attend.

Click here for Jumuah bookings


Booking system live from:
First 10 nights – Sun 11 Apr 2021
Next 10 nights – Wed 21 Apr 2021
Last 10 nights – Sat 1 May 2021

Timings: Refer to Ramadhan timetable

You must have a CONFIRMED online booking to attend Isha & Taraweeh.

4 nights per person max. (per 10 night block). Any additional bookings will be deleted.

Nights have been arranged in pairs except Mon 12 April 2021 which could be the first night of Taraweeh.

If Mon 12 April 2021 is the first night of Taraweeh, it can be booked in addition to any pair of nights. If not, then the Isha prayer will still go ahead tonight for those who have a confirmed online booking.

Please do not cause any disturbance to neighbours when entering or leaving the centre.

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